How Does LinkItPro Compare With Our Competition?

The key difference with LinkItPro is that all of your tier 1 backlinks are powered by truly quality, unique & media-rich content that is entirely produced by skilled American writers. And on top of that, our 2nd tier is powered with the same writing team - which makes these links "audit proof".

This is the real deal, folks. These are links that not only pack a wallop... but they stand the test of time, and they won't scare your clients.

No, we aren't the cheapest - but we are the best. And the results - as our customers know - speak for themselves...

So in the spirit of transparent competition, here's how our flagship product (the Giza pyramid) stacks up to our main competitor's top offerings...

Service LinkItPro (Giza) HOTH (Results Plus)
Tier 1 Content *10 Quality, Unique & Media-Rich Guest Posts Published on Authority Web 2.0 Sites (500+ Words, Exclusively American Writers),

* 10 Manually Created Social Bookmarks,

* Professional Press Release with Enterprise Level Distribution to 1000's of Actual News Sites, Including Google News (Normally $200+ just on its own!)

* 5 Spun Articles Created by American Writers.

*The "generated" content is then published as follows: 3 Authority Web 2.0 Sites, and 5 Article Directories.

* Optional Private Network Posts, all powered with spun content.

Tier 1 Platforms * 10 PR5+ Authority Web 2.0 Platforms (eg. Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress, etc.),

* Only highest quality social bookmarking sites,

* Literally 1000's of Established News sites, such as SBWire, Houston Chronicle, Business Insider and Google News.
* 3 Authority Web 2.0 Platforms (eg. Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress, etc.),

* 5 Popular Article Directories.

* Private blog network (optional, high risk for tier 1)
Tier 2 Overview * 12-20 PR4+ Web 2.0 Blogs (powered by smart-spun content, still using only American written content)

* 150 - 200+ Top Article Directories (smart spun, American writers)

* 200 - 250+ PR1+ Web 2.0 Blogs (smart spun, American writers)

* 10,000+ Blog comments (massively diverse range of blog
* 35 - 75 Web 2.0 Properties. Details undefined. Spun content.

* 10 - 20 Social Bookmarks

* 25-50 Supporting Article Directories (spun content)
Tier 3 Overview * 20,000+ Blog comments (massively diverse range of platforms and IPs). Dripped. * 500 - 800 Profile Links. Details undefined.

* 100 - 200 Social bookmarks.
Aggression Level Very High Low
Risk Level Very Low Moderate (Spun Content on Tier 1, Optional Private Network)
Pricing $397 $350

We'll Let You Draw Your Own Conclusions...

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